Kamo Clinic

445 Kamo Road
Open Monday – Friday 7am-7pm
Phone: 09 435 2299
Fax: 09 435 2222
Email: office@whangareiphysio.co.nz

Gym & Hand Therapy Clinic

Kensington Fitness Centre
Open Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm
Ph: 09 459 5000
Fax: 09 459 5002
Email: gymadmin@whangareiphysio.co.nz


Please telephone us if you cannot attend an appointment. Appointments cancelled on the same day may incur a late cancellation fee.

It is the policy of Whangarei Physiotherapy Services to at all times observe the Health and Information and Privacy Code and to observe client rights, see display at reception for more information. Clients may at any time have a chaperone and/or interpreter present if you so desire. For suggestions and complaints about our service please see our complaints procedure on display in reception.